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How Efficient Is Your Energy?

If you really want to know how much energy it takes to reach whatever audience you’re presenting to, here’s a way of testing it. Get someone you trust to stand as far away from you as possible in as large a room as possible. Ask them to spend just a minute or so telling you […]

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Red Riding Hood

The Camera Often Lies

I never use video to teach people how to make live presentations.  In fact, I think video can be thoroughly misleading. Why? Because it’s a different medium. If you were actually being filmed giving your presentation, there could well be valid reasons for keeping fairly (though not rigidly) still. But that would depend upon the […]

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What shall I do with my hands?

What Should I Do With My Hands?

If this is one of your ‘presentations worries’, there’s a very easy answer. Do nothing at all. Luckily, your hands are quite capable of taking care of themselves. Hands – or any other part of the body – are usually a problem when your attention is in the wrong place. If your attention is fully […]

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