“I cannot recommend Lin highly enough. Lin led a training workshop at our global conference that was universally praised. In 2 hours she completely won over many participants who were reluctant to acknowledge the value of “soft skills” training . Many felt the training was transformative, and were eager for more coaching from Lin. One of my team members has had individual sessions with Lin and is quickly developing advanced communication skills and an enhanced business presence.”

Patricia Eggert, Senior Director, Global Rewards at Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company

“Lin’s support has been truly revolutionary in supporting me to prepare for my latest presentation. When I was tasked with giving a TED-style talk to a large audience my heart sank. However, 2 months later and after a number of intense sessions with Lin I did it, and it actually felt like a success and I got some wonderful feedback from the audience! Lin is superbly professional in everything she does and how she has worked with me, and has also been really intuitive in getting the best out of me. All the exercises and ‘home-work’ made a real difference and I have actually just asked Lin for her time and support for another few sessions to keep improving. Many thanks Lin – it is a real pleasure and privilege to be working with you!”

Carola Hillenbrand, Professor of Organisational Psychology, Henley Business School

“I very much enjoyed our presentation workshop with Lin. At first I felt very nervous but soon relaxed into the practical exercises. I have quite a bit to work on and now feel I have a good direction to go in. We also did a bit of improvisation and I realise I can think on my feet!  Lin not only made constructive comments about eye contact and breathing but also gave good feedback on content and opening lines. I will always remember this.”

Helen Bantock, Kite Web Design

“Lin comes highly recommended. She provides an insightful, thoughtful, creative and committed presence, very focussed on the needs of clients and the delivery of outcomes in any assignment. Moreover she brings a positively persistent energy to her work, is intuitively able to work in a supportive and stretching way with clients, and in addition to these great strengths she also has a super sense of enjoyment and fun – all of which makes working with her such an enormous and definitely rewarding pleasure.”

Frances Green, FCIPD, HR Director, Medical Research Council

“I took part in a group workshop on presentation skills, and it became clear that the lessons we learned would be applicable to a whole variety of contexts – presentations on Zoom and in person, networking meetings as well as generally presenting our businesses in conversation.  The session was brilliant – great fun, very interactive and full of nuggets of advice that have given me lots to think about. It was so interesting listening to Lin’s feedback on the other attendees too, as there was so much for us all to learn.  Lin’s manner was very encouraging, and she worked on making things better rather than dwelling on our imperfections. I’d definitely recommend asking Lin to help if you’d like to gain confidence in presenting. A very useful way to spend a morning!

Jane Cox, Photographer

“We choose Lin Sagovsky to contribute to our Business School programmes for leadership development and change. Lin brings professional experience, energy, creativity and fun to her personal presence work with leaders. Participants discover, explore and develop vocal range, timing, physical presence, emotions, connection and rapport, flexibility, clarity and impact. Working with groups, often from diverse cultures and countries, she provides lively interactive and empowering practice and feedback. Her one to one practical coaching provides opportunity for individuals to experiment and grow. Lin enables leaders to find out how best to be themselves, find their personal power, and communicate more appropriately and confidently with clarity and conviction. Our participants report with gratitude the positive – sometimes transformative – difference her coaching has helped them to make.”

Helen Price, Associate Client Director, Henley Business School

“Lin took on a tough challenge and succeeded! She helped us to renew our sales confidence and optimism in tough trading conditons. I will certainly use Lin’s company again.”

Chris Broughton, Principal, Chris Broughton Associates

“As a small group, we wanted to work with Lin to improve our presentation skills at networking events and during the course of our work. It was a little nerve-wracking to talk in front of the others, but it was so useful. It was evident that I spoke far too quickly and that the sense of what I was trying to get across was being lost. Learning to consciously pause, speak more slowly and give as much energy to the end of each sentence as to the beginning has been invaluable. Thank you, Lin!”

Pippa Duncan, Living In Magazines

“Recently I’ve been giving a series of talks on various aspects of social media. In the last two sessions I was lucky enough to have Lin Sagovsky as one of the attendees. Although at pains to let me know that my sessions were full of good content Lin offered to help me improve my presentation technique. I had the cake, what was missing was the icing. What a revelation. I knew my presentation skills weren’t as good as they could be. I just didn’t know why, or where to start to improve the situation. Very quickly Lin was able to pinpoint the areas that needed working on and offer equally rapid solutions. In less than two hours we looked at body language, breathing, timing, staging (sight lines, lighting, acoustics), managing the audience and much more besides. All of Lin’s advice and tuition addressed my specific needs. I can’t recommend her highly enough. I have my next public speaking opportunity in a couple of days time. I’d better be good. Lin will be attending once again. If you think you could do with some help in improving your own public speaking you could do a lot worse than signing up for Lin’s free tips newsletter. It’s a good first step in the right direction.”

David Hughes, Creative Director, David and Associates

“Lin supported me to overcome my anxiety about public speaking and delivering training to large groups. Her energy and creativity are infectious and she inspires you to be playful, adventurous and generally more comfortable in your own skin and with the sound of your own voice. She is also intuitive, kind – and funny. As a result, I now find it easier to relax, be myself, and even enjoy challenging situations! Working with her was a joy and I will certainly return to her whenever my confidence needs a boost.”

Melanie Jones, Executive Coach, Said Business School

“Lively and interesting – very keen presentation.”… “Nice energy generated – helping interaction.”… “Great fun!..”

Heathgate Knowledge Engineering, Participants at a workshop on Confident Communication