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Make Yourself At Home

When you walk into your kitchen, you probably know exactly:- – where to flip on the light switch… – how the sink tap turns on… – or where to find a teaspoon. You could probably do those things with your eyes shut. At home, your body knows the space it’s in.  It’s developed a physical […]

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A Tale Of Three Fears

For many of us, being put in the spotlight means confronting three fears: – ourselves – other people – the space. That’s something I learned many years ago, from Richard Hahlo – an actor, director and long-established trainer for the National Theatre and his own company, Hydrocracker. Fear of ourselves is the worry that we’ll […]

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Be Prepared

Preparing well for a presentation is vital. Most people know that. What they don’t know is how to prepare, or what the preparation is really for. To an actor, preparation mostly means rehearsal – and when I work with businesspeople, that’s what I tell them they’ll be doing on my training course. Companies put consistent […]

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