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Make Yourself At Home

When you walk into your kitchen, you probably know exactly:- – where to flip on the light switch… – how the sink tap turns on… – or where to find a teaspoon. You could probably do those things with your eyes shut. At home, your body knows the space it’s in.  It’s developed a physical […]

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presentation skills, using words well, clarity of speech

Making Your Words Work

A good presentation involves more physicality than you might think. I’ve written before about feet, hands and eyes – but actually, there’s a physical element even in the way you use muscles to form your words. Or there should be. But often the impact of what is being said, formally or informally, is lost because the […]

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Mind Your Language!

Faced with a presentation to deliver, most businesspeople focus almost exclusively on the content of what they want to say. As I’ve said in previous Articles, they’re missing a trick. Making your words work well means making sure they are complemented by your voice and your body. The way you use your feet, your hands, your […]

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presentation skills, energy, gesture, presence

How Efficient Is Your Energy?

If you really want to know how much energy it takes to reach whatever audience you’re presenting to, here’s a way of testing it. Get someone you trust to stand as far away from you as possible in as large a room as possible. Ask them to spend just a minute or so telling you […]

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Know your audience

Who Do You Think You’re Talking To?

As you plan a presentation or meeting – even if it’s an informal one – do you ask yourself: “Who are my audience?” An audience can be… …a large crowd… …a small group… …or just one person. And obvious as it may sound, you need to consider who they are and what it is about […]

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And I Want You to FEEL…

Being ‘emotional’ doesn’t necessarily mean bursting into tears or throwing a complete wobbler. Investing your message with an ‘emotional intention’ is to give it the hallmark of a good presentation – by colouring it with subtlety and variety. Feelings may not be something you consider much when you plan to present – or go about […]

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