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Come Gather Round, People

Most business meetings take place around rectangular tables. It drives me nuts. What’s wrong with rectangular tables? you may ask. Well, here’s a clue: I’ve written before about the power of eye contact. The minute you have more than three people either side of that table, the more difficult it is to engage eye contact with […]

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Brevity - new caption

Brevity: The Soul Of Wit

Far be it from me to publish cartoons that might be construed as a criticism of the Almighty – so let’s focus instead on the notion that many businesspeople seem to think a long sentence, preferably chock full of multi-syllabic abstract nouns, packs more punch than a short one. It doesn’t. The tendency to ramble on often […]

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what is time

It’s A Two-Way Street

When a face-to-face meeting goes less well than it could, it’s often because people forget that dialogue is a two-way process. I work with businesspeople constantly who think a business conversation is mainly a matter of telling. Stating a position, explaining a rationale, proving you’re the expert… these are the sorts of aims that people […]

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Know your audience

Who Do You Think You’re Talking To?

As you plan a presentation or meeting – even if it’s an informal one – do you ask yourself: “Who are my audience?” An audience can be… …a large crowd… …a small group… …or just one person. And obvious as it may sound, you need to consider who they are and what it is about […]

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And I Want You to FEEL…

Being ‘emotional’ doesn’t necessarily mean bursting into tears or throwing a complete wobbler. Investing your message with an ‘emotional intention’ is to give it the hallmark of a good presentation – by colouring it with subtlety and variety. Feelings may not be something you consider much when you plan to present – or go about […]

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