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Talk In Tune

To communicate well, words need to be given their full value. But I’ve noticed how easily businesspeople can develop a habit of destroying that value, using words in ways that grate on their listeners’ ears. Like hearing an out-of-tune piano, once upon a time there was music there, but now the harmony is lost because the […]

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Brevity: The Soul Of Wit

Far be it from me to publish cartoons that might be construed as a criticism of the Almighty – so let’s focus instead on the notion that many businesspeople seem to think a long sentence, preferably chock full of multi-syllabic abstract nouns, packs more punch than a short one. It doesn’t. The tendency to ramble on often […]

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Making Your Words Work

A good presentation involves more physicality than you might think. I’ve written before about feet, hands and eyes – but actually, there’s a physical element even in the way you use muscles to form your words. Or there should be. But often the impact of what is being said, formally or informally, is lost because the […]

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Mind Your Language!

Faced with a presentation to deliver, most businesspeople focus almost exclusively on the content of what they want to say. As I’ve said in previous Articles, they’re missing a trick. Making your words work well means making sure they are complemented by your voice and your body. The way you use your feet, your hands, your […]

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