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Greeting The Meeting

Good meetings set the right tone from the word go. Much of that depends on what everyone feels about being there.  People in business often lead such busy lives that they rush from one thing to the next without so much as a pause for breath. If that’s how you arrive, you’re not walking into […]

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Come Gather Round, People

Most business meetings take place around rectangular tables. It drives me nuts. What’s wrong with rectangular tables? you may ask. Well, here’s a clue: I’ve written before about the power of eye contact. The minute you have more than three people either side of that table, the more difficult it is to engage eye contact with […]

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Talk In Tune

To communicate well, words need to be given their full value. But I’ve noticed how easily businesspeople can develop a habit of destroying that value, using words in ways that grate on their listeners’ ears. Like hearing an out-of-tune piano, once upon a time there was music there, but now the harmony is lost because the […]

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It’s A Two-Way Street

When a face-to-face meeting goes less well than it could, it’s often because people forget that dialogue is a two-way process. I work with businesspeople constantly who think a business conversation is mainly a matter of telling. Stating a position, explaining a rationale, proving you’re the expert… these are the sorts of aims that people […]

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