Courageous Conversations

There are times when everyone needs to have a conversation at work that needs courage. Getting a tricky issue out in the open, dealing with the other person’s behaviour – or both – can be a nightmare.

We’ll help you rehearse that ‘nightmare meeting’, to give you some powerful new ways of getting it to go well.

Most people hate roleplay – but the beauty of our method is that all the acting is done by professionals. First, you’ll brief the actor on why you find a person and/or situation difficult. Then we try out the conversation, in which you interact – as yourself – with the actor-in-character.

Every so often we stop to give you coaching and feedback about tiny changes you could make to your own behaviour. You have the chance to put those into practice immediately – and see for yourself that those slight adjustments can have a huge effect on the way others respond to you, and the success of your conversations!