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Tell Us A Story…

When was the last time you got home from work and said to your family: “The funniest thing happened at work today”? Or relived a great game of football with your friends in the pub: “Did you see that goal… in-off, and back of the net…” – and then a blow-by-blow account of every moment, […]

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eye contact

Don’t Look Here!

I trained to act at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, and I was taught by an aging Austrian named Rudi Shelly. He was a real guru of the theatre, and everyone who trained at that School during a span of several decades is prone to quoting Rudi’s mantras – of which there were many […]

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Dare To Reach A Full Stop!

Business meetings are often a bore. Why? Because they become completely devoid of energy. The energy we have in our bodies depends mostly on something very simple. Intake of oxygen. If we don’t take oxygen in, our voices, our words, our presence, our impact upon other, and even our ability to think will all suffer. […]

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And I Want You to FEEL…

Being ‘emotional’ doesn’t necessarily mean bursting into tears or throwing a complete wobbler. Investing your message with an ‘emotional intention’ is to give it the hallmark of a good presentation – by colouring it with subtlety and variety. Feelings may not be something you consider much when you plan to present – or go about […]

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Watch Your Feet!

When I watch people give presentations, the first thing I look at is their feet. The body will always tell the story of who we are and how we are, and the feet can be the most eloquent storytellers of all. According to body language expert James Borg, there are fewer neural connections from your […]

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